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    At Spiral Horn Safaris we truly do enjoy having families with us on safari, it has become a true passion for us knowing that the future of our industry as well as the future of hunting as a whole depends on our young hunters.

    We do everything possible to ensure a good healthy hunting atmosphere with special focus being on our young hunters. Please note that all family safaris are conducted on a per group basis insuring that your family are the only hunters at our lodge for the duration of your hunt this ensures privacy and special attention. Because of the fact that we understand that there is no way of spending time than with family we are very focused on treating our family safari groups on an individual basis.

    Our professional hunters are well accustomed to hunting with young hunters and have the experience to understand that some clients may have specific needs and require patience. We realize that there is no better experience for a young hunter than a successful hunt and this often leads to more success and greater confidence when out hunting.
  • Recommendations for Family Safaris

    Due to the fact that most of our young hunters have limited experience we would recommend to start off by hunting plains game, South Africa has the larges variety of wild game species in the world resulting in us being spoiled for choice. We would recommend starting off a South African safari in the Freestate province this allows young hunters to spot game easier, get accustomed to some of the African species with very little pressure. It also offers young hunters more opportunities resulting in a greater success.

    Once we have spent 3-4 day’s in the Freestate province we would move up to our area in the Limpopo province were they would have to track game on foot and hunt under tougher circumstances. Having success behind them from the Freestate ensures that the young hunters take the challenges of hunting the likes of Kudu and impala in the Limpopo province in their stride.

    We would recommend the following calibers:
    • 234.
    • 270 Win.
    • 308.
    • 30-06.

    Once again we would like to recommend good trophy bonded ammunition:
    • Barns
    • Swift A Frame
    • Trophy bonded bear claws

  • Rifle Hunter Check List:

    • Rifle
    • Scope
    • Sling
    • Soft gun case, to protect your rifle in the hunting vehicle or charter plane
    • Ammunition
    • Ammunition pouch or belt
    • Pocket knife or Leatherman tool
    • Binoculars
    • Binoculars strap or suspender support system (the latter will make wearing them more comfortable and secure with no swinging or bouncing)
    • Small bag or back pack, for taking personal items on hunt

    Please remember that you will have to fill in some paperwork if you intend on bringing your rifle with you to South Africa all the paperwork can be found on our web site under the heading documentation and consist of:
    • Rifle Importation Procedures
    • SAPS 520 Form
    • Letter of Invitation

    Please use the following links for the documentation pages:
    • Rifle Importation
    • Safari Contract

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