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  • Introduction


    When it comes to the hunting of dangerous game nothing comes close to Africa, the dark continent has an abundance of game but none more well known that the big 5 namely elephant, lion, cape buffalo, leopard and rhino.

    Hunting the dangerous game of Africa is a dream of most experienced hunters there could be no greater challenge than to take on the likes of Cape buffalo in thick brush, stalking after a lion in the soft sands of the Kalahari, watching a leopard appear like a thief in the night over bait and walking up to the biggest of them all the mighty elephant were simply standing your ground is the true test of a man’s character.

    This romance between hunters and a formidable pray has attracted clients to Africa for decades there can be no greater test of a hunters skills than Africa’s dangerous game. Spiral Horn Safaris specialize in hunting cape buffalo in the Limpopo province were they privately own 5 000 acres of prime hunting land with cape buffalo on it then additionally have access to more than 100 000 acres of surrounding concession land with more than 500 cape buffalo.

    In addition to cape buffalo the Limpopo province of South Africa also boasts with being one of the densest populated area’s with leopard. We have a 100% success rate on the majestic cats. We hunt our lions in the Kalahari on 10 000 acres with no internal fences the soft sand of the Kalahari allows our experienced trackers to track lion up on foot.

    Elephant can also be hunted in the Phalaborwa and Nelspruit area in South Africa’s Limpopo province we have access to over 160 000 acres of land densely populated with elephant. Spiral Horn Safaris can also arrange gangrenous game hunts in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

    We use only the most experienced professional hunters with open big 5 licenses as well as specialized trackers to ensure your hunting success.

  • Recommendations for Rifle Hunting – Dangerous Game

    In South Africa we are required to use a 375 H&H as minimum caliber when hunting dangerous game.
    We would be able to recommend the following calibers when hunting dangerous game:
    • 375 H&H
    • 404 Jeffery
    • 416 Rigby
    • 416 Remington
    • 470 Nitro express
    • 500 Nitro express

    Dangerous game species in Africa are not only challenging to hunt but also really tough to put down, when hunting dangerous game it is imperative to study your shot placement book. When dealing with animals that have the potential to kill/hurt you a healthy respect and knowledge of the animal’s anatomy is essential.
    We would strongly recommend using only good trophy bonded ammunition:
    • Swift A Frame
    • Barnes
    • Woodleigh

  • The rifle hunter’s checklist:

    • Rifle
    • Scope
    • Sling
    • Soft gun case, to protect your rifle in the hunting vehicle or charter plane
    • Ammunition
    • Ammunition pouch or belt
    • Pocket knife or Leatherman tool
    • Binoculars
    • Binoculars strap or suspender support system (the latter will make wearing them more comfortable and secure with no swinging or bouncing)
    • Small bag or back pack, for taking personal items on hunt

    Please remember that you will have to fill in some paperwork if you intend on bringing your rifle with you to South Africa all the paperwork can be found on our web site under the heading documentation and consist of:
    • Rifle Importation Procedures
    • SAPS 520 Form
    • Letter of Invitation

    Please use the following links for the documentation pages:
    • Rifle Importation
    • Safari Contract
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