Facilities & Recommendations

  • Introduction


    Spiral Horn Safaris specialize in the hunting of both plains game and dangerous game in Africa. Louis van Bergen is an avid bow hunter himself and knows what it takes to harvest your dream African trophy.

    With 12 well equipped blinds on a hunting area of over 100 000 acres we do everything possible to ensure your hunting success.

    Dangerous game is hunted in a walk and stalk manner with fully qualified Big 5 licensed Professional Hunters there as we realize there is no substitute for having an experienced guide, on your dangerous game hunt with bow.

  • Recommendations for Bow Hunting

    We recommend that you bring the same bow setup when bow Hunting South Africa as you would use when hunting deer. We shoot on distances of 30 yards or closer to ensure that you get the best chance at taking the African trophy that you are after.

    Make sure not to go out and buy a new bow just because you are coming to hunt in Africa stick to what works for you. We would recommend a bow poundage of 60 LBS for the guys and at least 35 LBS for the ladies.

    Your poundage is not nearly as important as your shot placement so make sure to go over your shot placements before your hunt. As preparation prior to going out your professional hunters would once again go over the different shot placement angles on African game.

    Please bear in mind that a Giraffe although classified as a plains game animal does need a different setup.

    We would recommend using minimum poundage of 80 and an arrow weighing no less than 800gr in total. The preferred broad head would be the German kinetics silver flame.

  • Broad heads

    We recommend the following:
    • Muzzy 3 bladed
    • G5 strikers
    • Any of the German kinetics

    (You should be able to find one that suite your setup best according to the list)
    African game is hard to get down and penetration is critical so do your best to stay away from mechanicals and other expandable broad heads, they just don't penetrate as much.

  • The bow hunter’s checklist:

    • Bow, I recommend bringing two well-tuned hunting bows if feasible
    • Soft case, to protect your bow in the hunting vehicle or on charter flights
    • At least a dozen Arrows
    • Broad heads
    • Points (practice tips, bird, fish)
    • Quiver
    • Release (and spare release)
    • Glue
    • Pocket knife or Leatherman
    • Binoculars
    • Binoculars strap or suspender support system (the latter will make wearing them more comfortable and secure with no swinging or bouncing)
    • Range finder
    • Small bag or back pack for taking personal items on hunt
    • Strings (complete with a peep, necking point and loop, and it should be shot enough shots on the bow so that it has settled)

    (You do not need any permits to bring your bow in the South Africa)

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