North West

The North West Province, which borders Botswana to the north, is a semi-arid bushveld and savannah area that offers a year round, sunny climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is a summer rainfall region, with a short rainfall season from December to March.

The diversity of the landscape ranges from the majestic Magaliesberg Mountain range in the east to savannah plains in the central region, to the Kalahari Desert in the far western region with wide open plains and sandy semi-desert areas, the North West Province offers Dangerous game- as well as Plains game hunting opportunities.

The far western Kalahari region, also known as the Molopo area, named after the Molopo River serving as Botswana’s border. This area ( 10 000 acres + an ajoining 160 000 acres) enables us to offer a wide range of game species with excellent trophy quality. The area is home to Lion, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Springbuck and Blesbuck to name just a few.


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